About Metallurgical Systems

Creators of Metallurgical Intelligence®

Metallurgical Systems is a world-leading Australian technology company that produces a suite of market-leading Metallurgical Intelligence® software for minerals processing plants around the world. We were founded in 2010 with the aim of improving transparency, efficiency and compliance in the metallurgy sector. After consulting for the resources sector for over a decade, we were frustrated that most plants lacked data-led insight and relied on manual accounting. This was affecting their sustainability outcomes, compliance, operational efficiency, profitability and even staff retention/attraction.

As a team of metallurgists, chemical engineers and technology developers, we had the skills, knowledge and passion to resolve this, and dedicated the last 10 years and 400,000+ hours to creating the most advanced suite of Metallurgical Intelligence® software in the market.

We are always on the lookout for talented, tech-savvy people to be part of our growing team, based in Surry Hills, Sydney.

In 2023, the team at Metallurgical Systems founded Industrial Sustainability Solutions (ISS) to meet the growing and critical need for the industrial sector to meet fast-evolving sustainability reporting and regulatory compliance standards.

Recognising that metallurgical accounting, process optimisation and sustainability reporting go hand in hand, ISS combined their deep industrial knowledge, sustainability expertise and technology skills to create its world-leading sustainability software, Sustainability Tracker (ST).

ST is an established industrial sustainability software platform that enables complex industrial operations to accurately measure and report on their emissions across the supply chain, reduce their impact and meet compliance regulations.

Leveraging Metallurgical Systems digital twin technology, it captures, analyses, validates and reports on sustainability indicators such as GHG emissions across Scopes 1, 2 and 3, water, energy, air quality, waste, hazardous materials, pollutants and nature-related risk factors. 

As a result, you can run near real-time advanced analytics and quickly produce the granular auditable reports needed to satisfy evolving global compliance frameworks. Beyond compliance, you gain the insights you need to optimise your productivity, efficiency, climate footprint and financial returns.

We are deeply committed to finding and nurturing new and developing talent, through our summer internship program.

Metallurgical intelligence consultants analyse results on a monitor with a metallurgical plant in the distance

At a Glance

Our experienced team of engineers and metallurgists are here to help you solve some of the most complex challenges facing your operation.

Meet our Founder

John Vagenas

John Vagenas

Metallurgical Systems Founder and Managing Director

John is an experienced metallurgist, engineer and consultant, as well as founder and managing director of Metallurgical Systems. He is a member of the Export Council of Australia, a fellow of AusIMM, and served as an Alternate Director of Austmine from 2019 – 2023. He is passionate about increasing transparency and improving compliance in the global mining sector, and speaks regularly at industry events.

John has a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) from UNSW, and worked as a pilot with the Royal Australian Airforce before dedicating himself to the metallurgy sector. In 2006, John founded Elemental Engineering, delivering sophisticated process simulation and process development consulting services to the minerals processing industry.

During this time, John saw many plants operating without any detailed insight into their performance. Data capture and analysis were done manually, using error-prone, time-consuming spreadsheets, and most analysis was limited in its scope. John sought to improve this situation by bringing data and analytics into the minerals processing sector, and in 2010, founded Metallurgical Systems.

Under John’s ownership and management, Metallurgical Systems has grown to feature a strong team of specialists, including software developers, data scientists, engineers and metallurgists. We also have a dedicated research and development team to ensure our suite of software is continually evolving and exceeding our customers’ expectations.