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A full suite of award-winning metallurgical software to optimise your plant.

From providing you with a powerful digital twin, to helping you cut greenhouse gas emissions and maximise the life of your equipment, our software is unlike anything else on the market.

So much more than metallurgical accounting software


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Process optimisation using a digital twin

The foundation of our suite of Metallurgical Intelligence® software, this world-leading technology provides you with a fully customised digital twin of your plant. It brings together data from across your plant and uses dynamic simulation to give you context, metallurgical accounting, production reporting and process optimisation analysis. Get highly valuable insights about your plant’s operations at every step, optimise your processes, identify opportunities for improvements and monitor and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.


Maximise the effectiveness and life of your plant equipment

This stand-alone asset optimisation solution uses machine learning to provide you with sophisticated insights into your equipment’s performance. It eliminates human error and ensures you’re always a step ahead when it comes to addressing potential issues and getting more from your equipment over time. It works seamlessly with the full suite of Metallurgical Intelligence® software.

Predict the future using data from the past 

An add-on to MI Core®, this solution uses steady-state simulation to help you make informed production, budgeting and forecasting decisions. You can input snapshots of real data, then create future scenarios to determine likely outcomes – including testing scenarios for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


Optimise your plant’s processes based on intelligent data

This add-on to MI Core® uses machine learning to identify patterns in your plant data, helping you quantify lost opportunities and develop strategies for adapting to changing operational conditions.


Data-driven sustainability reporting, compliance and ESG optimisation

Available as a stand-alone solution or add-on to MI Core, MI Sustainability equips you to produce accurate data-driven sustainability reports to satisfy evolving global legislative frameworks, and to set and achieve decarbonisation targets. Wherever you are along your sustainability journey, it provides a flexible roadmap from ticking today’s compliance boxes through to advanced environmental, social and governance (ESG) capabilities.
An eBook that discusses how to choose a process plant information system

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