Metallurgical Consulting & Support

Metallurgical expertise, experience and insight

As well as our suite of Metallurgical Intelligence® software, we offer a range of metallurgical consulting services, to help our customers optimise their processes, achieve digital transformation, and meet sustainability targets and compliance objectives – now, and well into the future.

Plant audits and feasibility studies

Our team has reviewed plant processes all over the world. We therefore contribute a wealth of knowledge when it comes to helping you understand your plant’s performance, metallurgical accounting and data utilisation processes in detail, and determining the specific approach and technology that is right for your operation.

Digital transformation

We are uniquely placed to help you with all aspects of your mine’s digital transformation, and will work with you at every step to ensure that any new technology is implemented as efficiently and seamlessly as possible. Whether it’s centralising your data, implementing a digital twin model, automating and optimising processes or streamlining and simplifying your reporting, we can help.

Compliance and corporate governance

Meeting compliance and corporate governance is essential for shareholders, company directors and government regulators. A minerals processing plant can’t have sound corporate governance if there are shortcomings in its metallurgical accounting processes. Via our award-winning software, we can help you capture, analyse and report on your plant’s data in the most transparent, accurate and efficient way possible.

Metallurgical plant audits
A Metallurgical Systems team member offers support infront of a backdrop of plant machinery overlayed with data reports from software

Sustainability and environmental performance

Today, minerals processing plants face ever-increasing regulatory requirements when it comes to monitoring and reporting on greenhouse gas emissions. We can implement the software you need to ensure that you are accurately measuring your emissions and power consumption, minimising the risks associated with non-compliance, and help you reduce your greenhouse gas emissions through process optimisation.

Training and support

Once our technology is implemented, we also provide extensive training, either online or on-site, to ensure the solution has maximum up-take. Due to COVID-19, all of our training is currently provided via our new and in-depth online learning management solution. We also run ‘train the trainer’ exercises to create subject matter experts on-site.

Elemental Engineering

Metallurgical Systems also provides metallurgical consulting services through our consulting arm, Elemental Engineering. We offer world-leading process simulation and process development services to help minerals processing plants determine and rectify areas of operational inefficiency.

A full suite of software to optimise your plant

Process optimisation using a digital twin
Maximise the effectiveness and life of your plant equipment
Predict the future using data from the past
Optimise your plant’s processes