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Your shortcut to metallurgical accounting, process optimisation and compliance.

Founded in 2010, Metallurgical Systems is a world-leading Australian technology company that provides a proven range of software products, consulting services and licensing options that deliver operational excellence for mines and mineral processing plants all over the world. So much more than metallurgical accounting software


Metallurgical Intelligence® (MI) is a platform that captures and organises high volumes of disparate data into a digital twin of your operations to help you perform metallurgical accounting, optimise processes, reduce emissions and meet compliance obligations.


From metallurgical consulting and support to process simulations, for over 20 years our team has provided a range of consulting services to help optimise minerals processing plants. We deliver this using a combination of industry expertise and intelligent technology.
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Every operation is different, which is why we deliver our software in a model that suits your technology infrastructure and expertise. On-premises, hybrid or software as a service, choose the best option for you and benefit from the same advanced functionality.