Digital transformation for mines and mineral processing

Position your organisation as a leader to unlock growth opportunities

While the mining sector faces a period of significant disruption, for organisations willing to embrace the change and innovate fast using the latest technologies there are significant growth opportunities. Explore our range of digital transformation solutions for mining.

Metallurgical Digital Twin

Optimise operations and performance with a metallurgical digital twin. Using a process digital twin, you can create a virtual model of your entire plant to enable more sophisticated decision-making, simulation testing, monitoring and reporting.

Mining Asset Utilisation

Optimise your mining plant performance by using our specialised mining asset utilisation solution to predict asset maintenance, reduce downtime, improve equipment effectiveness and more.

Metallurgical Scenario Analysis

Test scenarios and optimise plant performance with confidence. Enhance decision making, budgeting and forecasting in your mineral processing plant with rigorous scenario testing. Discover ways to enhance productivity and profitability, reduce risk and realise better ESG outcomes.

Metallurgical Process Optimisation

Optimise your plant’s processes with our intelligent tool that leverages the power of metallurgical machine learning to review your plant’s performance and provide answers to critical operational questions.