Introducing MI Core®
version 6

MI Core® version 6 is built for scalability, speed and power, to realise the powerful potential of data in your minerals processing plant.

Your proven shortcut to data-driven insights, process optimisation, metallurgical accounting, and ESG compliance just got better.

The latest release of MI Core® version 6 builds upon our industry-leading solution, adding new features and functionality to bring you powerful new insights, faster than ever. In fact, MI Core® version 6 and its modules cover more segments in the minerals processing optimisation ecosystem than any other solution in the market today.

Get deeper insights, faster with MI Core® version 6

Import unlimited data sources to centralise and validate all your data.

Integrate all this data faster than ever. Importing of source data is up to 90% faster with parallel processing.

Do more with the solver powered by the digital twin.  Calculations can run up to 80% faster.

 Go granular, with greater resolution of batch data to optimise product yield and recovery and reduce waste.

Other features of MI Core® version 6

User configurations

Automate the scheduling of data import tasks, saving the time and hassle of manual management.


Solve issues quickly, with detailed error messages to help you troubleshoot with precision.

Activity Tracking

See who changed what, and when, with detailed user activity tracking.​

Already using MI Core®? Migration is seamless and remote

Updating to MI Core® version 6 is quick and easy. The migration process is conducted remotely, and you retain the option of storing your data in the cloud or on your hosted server.

A Metallurgical Systems project champion will be in touch to arrange the migration, and full training and support will be provided to your team.

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