Greenhouse Gas Accounting

with MI Core® and MI Scenario®

Your shortcut to measuring, reporting and managing your plant’s greenhouse gas emissions and power consumption

Measuring and reporting on emissions and power consumption is a vital part of being a sustainable and responsible resources organisation. Resources companies around the world are aiming to minimise their greenhouse gas emissions over the next 10 – 30 years, with the goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. Carbon accounting data is also now used in everything from carbon tax/emissions trading schemes to determining banks’ lending criteria. However, without the right data at hand, greenhouse gas accounting can also be a very time-consuming and complex exercise, especially if you have plants that operate in multiple reporting jurisdictions. This is where a powerful digital shortcut like MI Core® and MI Scenario® can help.

How it works

MI Core® and MI Scenario® provide plant operators with a reliable, trusted and straightforward way of tracking, analysing and potentially reducing emissions.

Track, analyse and report with MI Core®

MI Core® gives you a sophisticated digital twin model that centralises all of your plant’s data and can also capture all emission-creating activities across all stages of the plant processes. This includes carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), sulphur dioxide (SO2), sulphur hexafluoride (SF6) nitrous oxide (N2O), specified kinds of hydro fluorocarbons and perfluorocarbons, as well as energy production and consumption. Importantly, it also gives you the ability to track, report on, and manage your plant’s emissions in granular detail. MI Core® also provides the level of insight and data required to fulfil the mandatory reporting requirements for your jurisdiction.

Set targets, budgets and forecasts with MI Scenario®

An extension to MI Core®, this product enables you to set  budgets, targets and forecasts that help you to identify ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and power consumption.

How Metallurgical Intelligence® enables effective greenhouse gas accounting

Track GHG emissions and energy consumption

Track direct process carbon emissions and plant electricity consumption on an hourly basis.

Measure emissions by fuel type and plant chemical processes

Get insights into your plant’s consumption of fuels such as coal and diesel, as well as calculated emissions based on your plant’s instrumentation and process chemistry.

Know your emissions for every stream

The MI Core® digital twin is able to calculate streams such as fuel consumption, even if it is not directly recorded by the plant. This information can then be used in further calculations to determine greenhouse gas emissions.

Categorise emissions by process and by transportation

Understand emissions associated with the consumption of reagents – select suppliers that may result in lower emissions associated with production or delivery.

Accurately report and manage all hazardous emissions

MI Core® can also be used to report emissions of other gases that need to be monitored/reported, including N2O and SO2.

Compare actuals to targets

Use the straightforward tools in MI Scenario® to compare your actual emissions to your targets.

Key Features

Collects, validates and integrates big data

Data collection is completely automated, and the solution offers a single, validated and organised source of truth for all greenhouse gas emissions data. Also integrates seamlessly with your wider systems.

Easy, accurate data collection, reported hourly

Enables rapid and accurate access to the data you need. Having a digital twin also means you can analyse your emissions and power consumption at a very granular level – on an hourly basis.

Superior reporting and analysis tools

Access the information you need via dynamic dashboards which are tailored to your user profiles. Reporting is dynamic and interactive, with real-time calculations. Reports can also be efficiently distributed – simply schedule, publish and email.

Set targets, track performance, budget and forecast

Set absolute and intensity targets to help you improve your emissions and power use over time. Also gain visibility across your entire process, measure performance against emission reduction targets.

Customised insights

Fully customised to specifically match the unique requirements, processes, equipment and chemistry of the plant at which it is being installed. MI Core® is adapted for all emission types with scope and category.

Compliance and transparency

MI Core® offers robust auditability for your plant’s compliance, with automated reports created without manual intervention, and all data is able to be traced back to its source.

Greenhouse gas accounting using a digital twin

  • Digital twin that automatically measures and calculates data according to emissions standards scope 1,2 and 3.
  • Completes a full plant wide mass balance, reporting GHG emissions on an hourly basis.
  • Uses site specific chemistry and process dynamics. Every stream at every node is calculated.
  • Tracks changing inventory over time and can accumulate or remove material.
  • Completes complex queries within seconds.
  • Integrates with source data and broader site information (e.g. SAP)
  • Enables you to test scenarios to lower emissions and power consumption.
  • Enables you to set emissions targets, create budgets and track performance.
  • Fully supported by the experts at Metallurgical Systems.
  • Can be scoped and deployed 100% remotely.

Greenhouse gas solutions to optimise your emissions

Process optimisation using a digital twin
Predict the future using data from the past