Metallurgical Intelligence® software deployment models


Metallurgical Intelligence®, world-leading digital twin software for mining and minerals, launches new deployment models

For more than a decade, Metallurgical Intelligence® has been the undisputed market leader in digital twin, metallurgical accounting and process optimisation software for minerals processing plants. The brainchild of Sydney-based technology firm, Metallurgical Systems, the Metallurgical Intelligence® suite is an enterprise-wide platform that brings together volumes of disparate data from right across a plant. It processes and contextualises this data, and transforms it into rapidly delivered insights to stakeholders to achieve operational excellence.

The software acts as a manufacturing execution system (MES), providing a digital replica that is fully customised to the chemistry and processes of a minerals processing plant. It unlocks powerful insights and fast-tracks digital transformation, helping operators to boost productivity, reduce costs, perform AMIRA P754 compliant metallurgical accounting and deliver on ESG goals.

Typically, Metallurgical Intelligence® has been deployed successfully around the world as an on-premises solution. This model includes customisation and implementation of the software, and an ongoing annual licensing and support fee for maintenance and upgrades.

Now, Metallurgical Systems has formalised two other deployment options for customers: a hybrid model, which combines on-premises and cloud-based elements, and Metallurgical Intelligence® Software-as-a-Service.

“We are extremely excited to introduce our new SaaS offering to the market,” says John Vagenas, Managing Director, Metallurgical Systems. “It takes all of the customisation and powerful digital twin capabilities of our on-premises solution, but with new levels of scalability, flexibility and convenience that only a cloud-based solution can offer.”

“Cash flow is a very important consideration for many of the world’s mining organisations, especially in the current climate, and our SaaS model with pay-by-the-month options makes it easy to get started,” he adds.

“While great steps are being made, the mining sector continues to lag with its digital transformation, and it’s our aim that Metallurgical Intelligence® Software-as-a-Service will provide an essential shortcut for mining organisations who want to fast-track their digital evolution or get it back on track.”

With many mining organisations located in remote and regional locations, internet connectivity has – in the past – been a barrier to cloud-based solutions. However, this has changed thanks to new fibre network cables, the availability of satellite internet services, and the 5G rollout – all of which are allowing mining organisations to fully leverage the efficiencies of cloud and edge technologies.  

Another important benefit of the Metallurgical Intelligence® SaaS model is, of course, that the software is permanently current. As it is based in the cloud, updates can be made quickly and easily, which has enormous benefits both in terms of functionality and security. Clients benefit from continually updated cloud security, and can use intelligent, cloud-based tools to improve their detection and response to cyber-threats.

Along with the new SaaS model, Metallurgical Systems offers a tiered support model, so clients can choose the level of support they require. This ranges from paying for hourly support as needed to pre-paying for a certain number of support hours every month for a discounted fee.

Metallurgical Intelligence® Software-as-a-Service is available now.

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