MI Core® Version 6 Release

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Metallurgical Systems releases Version 6 of its process optimisation and metallurgical accounting solution, MI Core®

Sydney, Australia: Australian-based Metallurgical Systems has deployed a new global release of its MI Core® process optimisation and metallurgical accounting software. Version 6, which is built for scalability, speed and power, is unlike anything else available in the market, helping mining and minerals processing plants realise the powerful potential of their data. 

“As the mining industry moves into a new phase of digital transformation, demand for technologies like MI Core® continue to rise. This redesign of a large portion of our solution – to make it faster, more powerful and scalable – is great news for any mining company looking to accelerate digital transformation, with significant financial and ESG gains,” said John Vagenas, Managing Director, Metallurgical Systems.  

“Since Metallurgical Systems inception in 2010, we have listened to our customers’ needs, challenges and achievements. After several successful global implementations, and building on each version release, we have developed ways to make our market-leading process optimisation and metallurgical accounting software even better.”  

MI Core® is a highly effective shortcut to metallurgical accounting, production reporting and mineral processing plant optimisation. It functions as a digital twin of a minerals processing plant, enabling plant-wide data integration, validation, rapid mass balance and analysis, with world-class reporting and data visualisations.  

The solution helps mining companies to adopt modern technology to make proactive data-driven decisions, uncover anomalies, identify inefficiencies, exceed compliance objectives (AMIRA P754) and realise big financial gains. The new features in Version 6 of MI Core® are designed to deliver these powerful business benefits, faster.  

MI Core® Version 6 updates include: 

  • The ability to import unlimited data sources to centralise and validate all data   
  • Up to 90% faster importing of source data with parallel processing  
  • Up to 80% faster calculations in the solver, powered by the digital twin 
  • Greater resolution of product batch data, down to every rail cart and stockpile to achieve better yield outcomes and to reduce waste  

“In enhancing MI Core®, our goal was about much more than just to make technical improvements to the software. We set out to tackle the global challenges the industry is facing – everything from digital transformation and doing more with big data, to meeting ESG targets and attracting a new generation of workers,” said Mr Vagenas.  

“With Version 6, it’s now easier than ever to bridge the gap between a company’s digital strategy and its execution. With unlimited plant-wide data integration and validation, combined with fast digital twin calculations, big data can be collected and converted to valuable information to help leaders make proactive decisions,” he said.  

Complimentary to the solution is the ability to track, manage and report greenhouse gas emissions, water and power consumption by scope categories, at a very granular level. “Enhancing your ESG credentials in practice and moving to modern technologies will go a long way towards attracting and retaining talent as well as demonstrating responsible social practices to all stakeholders,” said Mr Vagenas.  

“Metallurgical Systems continues to set the industry benchmark for best-practice minerals processing optimisation. Mining is a vital industry – the cornerstone of life in most countries today – and it’s our job to deliver superior technology to ensure the sustainability of the industry into the long-term,” he added. 

Existing MI Core® customers can migrate to Version 6 and its modules – which include MI Up®, MI Scenario® and MI Process Optimiser® – remotely, with little to no impact on existing operations. Full training and support will be provided to all users.  

For more information, please contact:  
Metallurgical Systems 
+61 2 7229 5646 

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